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I would have to agree. Wait..., what? Really?
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 I would have to agree. (3)
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You should never wear a shirt that says CANADA

I would have to agree.

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Wait..., what? Really?

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Somehow even before I click on the debate I knew that it's from You :D

Side: I would have to agree.

That goes for a lot of shirts. Many thing have the letters 'anal' in them.

Side: I would have to agree.
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#Canadian Problems ;)

Side: I would have to agree.

This debates goes out to my Canadian friends ;)

Side: Wait..., what? Really?
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My current Favorite TV show right now is Continuum, a Canadian science fiction series, Canada know Sci Fi that's for dam sure.

Side: Wait..., what? Really?

I love Canada :)

Side: Wait..., what? Really?