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Atrag's Reward Points: 5556

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Do you play games with your children?
2 Added Argument Is whites are the problem the same as Jews are the problem in Nazi Germany?
1 Added Argument Should truck drivers not deliver to cities who 'defund the police'?
1 Added Argument Leftism is a form of mental retardation
1 Added Argument I Am A Muslim Jew
1 Added Argument Should vaccines, be forced?
2 Added Argument Humanity's reaction to Coronavirus shows why you need a gun
1 Added Argument Italy vs United States, Socialized healthcare vs Capitalist healthcare
5 Added Argument Class A drug use at record levels due to young people in the UK
2 Added Argument Can i be a Christian, and treat trans people, with kindness?
1 Added Argument Is Jesus, an empathetic God?
1 Added Argument Are you willing to forgive me, for my past false teachings?

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