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1 Created Debate Create Debate is dead. Here is a eulogy. RIP
1 Added Argument Democrats, what new "Gun Laws" would you want?
1 Added Argument How can Liberals do or be better on abortion?
1 Added Argument Did most of the Leftists on this site leave because they can't defend Biden?
1 Added Argument Crime has dramatically increased under Democrats
1 Added Argument Do you think the libs want your guns to CONTROL you, or SAVE childrens lives?
1 Added Argument Why is Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech still so impactful?
1 Added Argument Remember when the libs went crazy over Trump taking time off?
1 Added Argument It's okay to admit you got conned by Biden and the media
1 Added Argument Is Biden a threat to the First Amendment and freedom of the press?
1 Added Argument Why are black Democrats so concerned with getting the white man's acceptance?
2 Added Argument If the left really thought black lives mattered, Jaslyn Adams would be a household name
1 Added Argument 2 mass shootings within a week is a sign the U.S. is getting back to normal
2 Added Argument Hate or don't hate - THAT is the question
4 Added Argument Why are Americans so obsessed with Racism?
2 Added Argument Why are Americans so obsessed with Racism?
1 Added Argument Why were the Japanese so cruel to POWs during WW2?
1 Added Argument The left always feared the right would do what they themselves are doing now
1 Added Argument CNN NBC paid leftist who stormed capitol. Media is funding what they call terror
1 Added Argument Which media is the most powerful?? Left wing news print, or right wing talk radio?
1 Added Argument It isn't minorities the left supports. It supports black followers.
0 Added Argument On this day 138 years ago, Karl Marx made his most useful contribution.
0 Added Argument Why is Nom so weak, stupid and gay?

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