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BouncngBetty's Reward Points: 101

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate If it's true that God would not burden you with more than you can carry
10 Added Argument What existed before the big bang and where did it come from?
4 Added Argument Why I, Saint Now, Believe What I Believe.
1 Added Argument I feel I did wrong - I am sorry.
2 Created Debate The artist formerly known as Prince is now also known as the artist who was formerly alive
2 Added Argument Could another Cold War with Russia stop Global Warming?
1 Added Argument What should I do?
1 Added Argument Transgender Bathrooms
8 Added Argument Is online customer service satisfying customer needs?
1 Added Argument Snappys 2014 - Category #32 SEXIEST FEMALE DEBATER
5 Created Debate Boys are so lucky
1 Added Argument Instead of complex life spontaneously evolving, why not a simpler analog clock?

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