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DKCairns's Reward Points: 868

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is overpopulation the number one cause of Climate Change?
1 Added Argument Has science and technology done more harm or more good?
1 Added Argument My position on abortion.
1 Added Argument That Australia should pivot from the US to China
1 Added Argument Planned Parenthood is an Oxymoron.
1 Added Argument The world is about to get better.
1 Added Argument The world is about to get worse.
1 Added Argument Is Islam good!
1 Added Argument Is CreateDebate or DebateIsland better than for online debates?
1 Added Argument Can you change someone's mind by presenting the facts?
3 Added Argument Should abortion be considered a "Human Right"?
1 Added Argument Heterosexuality is not a choice.

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