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DavidYJ's Reward Points: 27

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is it right to use products that have been tested on animals?
1 Added Argument Is the government responsible for the economic well being of its citizens?
1 Added Argument We need global warming in order to evolve.
1 Added Argument why smoke?
1 Added Argument Does commenting in a bad way cause people to do suicide? (in any websites)
1 Added Argument Is The Bible accurate?
1 Added Argument teachers are lazy and overpaid
1 Added Argument Are your for euthanasia or against?
1 Added Argument Should women work or sit home?
2 Added Argument IS GOD A SINNER?
3 Added Argument Can students help in eradicating corruption
1 Added Argument Should the same sex marrigies be allowed?
3 Added Argument If God cannot commit sin, is he then no longer capable of all thing?
3 Created Debate How is SELF-DEFENSE recognized in bible?
2 Created Debate Is it possible for an asian to succeed in Hollywood as an actor?
1 Added Argument Should the government make laws to try and control the use of Photoshop?
1 Added Argument should scools provide lunches
1 Added Argument Which is more beneficial for society?
1 Added Argument Should the Internet Content Be Censored?

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