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Enlighten404's Reward Points: 215

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Was Trump's Freedom of Speech Violated by the Protesters at his Chicago Rally?
1 Added Argument Hillary Clinton Email Scandal - Breaking News
1 Added Argument Do you believe Gay Marriage is ok?
2 Added Argument Are the Evangelists right?
1 Added Argument Is communism good or bad?
1 Added Argument What Should/Shoultn't Be within the Realm of Responsibilities for a Church?
0 Created Debate Did you know I'm a Burj Khalifa funded troll?
1 Added Argument Why Is FromWithin So Scared?
1 Added Argument would the usa drop a adam bomb on iraq and afghanistan
1 Added Argument The national debt is increasing approximately 2.4 BILLION PER DAY!
2 Added Argument Just how small are Donald Trump's hands?
2 Added Argument Canadian vs American Justice Systems
2 Added Argument Historically Speaking, Which Is the More Violent Religion
1 Added Argument The Canadian Justice System
10 Added Argument who whould win a war the usa or china
3 Added Argument Eradicate a user from this site
1 Added Argument Israel
1 Added Argument Is there anyone here that IS NOT a troll?
-1 Downvoted Argument
5 Added Argument Eradicate a person from history
2 Added Argument Rubio, Trump, or Cruz
1 Added Argument Rubio, Trump, or Cruz
5 Added Argument If You Could Change its Name, What Would You Call the USA?
0 Added Argument Should we behead all who dare to insult Islam?

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