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HighFalutin's Reward Points: 2852

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument The NRA has finally stopped producing firearms
1 Added Argument Is it true that Westerners like criticizing and Chinese like praising?
1 Added Argument Individualism versus collectivism!
1 Added Argument Individualism versus collectivism!
1 Added Argument 150th Judge confirmed during Trump Presidency. your thoughts?
1 Added Argument Did Robert Francis O'rourke really say this
1 Added Argument If the homeless should be REMOVED from the streets, where should we put them?
1 Added Argument Is it unreasonable to ask members of the site to modify their use of the "N" word?
1 Added Argument You know you're a Trump supporter if
1 Added Argument Leftist want to ban "White Milk" because it is Racist ! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 Added Argument L.A. launches "Skid Row Clean Team" now that should work out well ! LMAO!!!!!!
1 Added Argument If I gave a guy the finger, and he advances on me, can I stand my ground and kill him??
2 Added Argument Oh wow, Google blacklists a Christian news outlet. What bigots!
1 Added Argument No evidence people born LGBT!
-1 Downvoted Argument Is Trump a white racist?
2 Added Argument Is Trump a white racist?
1 Added Argument The General Perception of Climate Change being optional is quite dangerous
1 Added Argument Hay Lefty's do you view White Bread as Racist !!!!!!!!! LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!
2 Added Argument Are you not alarmed that Russia fed Dems disinformation and they used it?
1 Added Argument Which Is Better? Crack Cocaine Or Jesus?
2 Added Argument Democrat poll shows what Voters think of Omar and Ocasio-Cortez
1 Added Argument Is President Trump, a strong and powerful leader?
1 Added Argument Why don't leftists ever offer to go back to their lands as reperations to Natives
2 Added Argument Is air conditioning sexist

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