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JadynDonovan's Reward Points: 244

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate Do you believe in spanking children as a discipline?
0 Created Debate Do you believe in spanking children as a discipline?
1 Added Argument Is gaming an addiction?
1 Added Argument Would you rather feel pain from the outside or within?
1 Added Argument Would You Rather Be Tall or Short? Why?
1 Added Argument That there should be a weight restriction applied for purchasing fast food.
1 Added Argument Why is the "Royal" baby so important?
1 Added Argument Is being an atheist a choice?
1 Added Argument Should you tell your kids if you almost aborted them?
1 Added Argument Should we all be atheists?
1 Added Argument Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 more enjoyable than Battlefield 3?
1 Added Argument Studying grammar is more important than practicing conversation skills.
1 Added Argument Should students be forced to read for entertainment in school?
1 Added Argument Is Drugs taking the Teens by storm in the U.S.
1 Added Argument Do you care what people think?
1 Added Argument Are mobile phones useful in our lives?
1 Added Argument Should there be a restriction on freedom of speech?
1 Added Argument What are some good pranks to pull?
0 Added Argument Suicide should be legal for people that have no hope of a solution for their illness.
1 Added Argument Are society's morals deteriorating?
1 Added Argument Is cursing wrong?
2 Added Argument Is suicide cowardly?
1 Added Argument If you were to get married to someone on CD who would it be?
1 Added Argument Should minors under 18 be allowed to drink alcohol

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