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Mahollinder's Reward Points: 900

Points When What Where
5 High Rated Argument TV is better than Books
1 Added Argument Proof that Hitler was a liberal.
3 High Rated Argument evolution vs creationism
1 Added Argument Can morality exist if God isn't real?
1 High Rated Argument Whose side are you on?
1 Added Argument Global warming is finally ending.
1 High Rated Argument Which came first? Chicken or Egg?
1 High Rated Argument Do we continue to exist even when our bodies die?
2 High Rated Argument Jesus Christ: Fact or Fiction?
1 High Rated Argument Is Hitler's political views closer to conservatism or liberalism?
1 High Rated Argument The reason liberals lack logic...
1 High Rated Argument Meat is Murder!
3 High Rated Argument Should Malcolm X be remembered as a Villain or Hero?
1 Added Argument Lower Taxes
1 Added Argument Is Egypt's Morsi the Worlds Latest Dictator?
10 Added Argument Obama
2 High Rated Argument If a woman conceives by deceit, should the man have a right to abortion?
1 High Rated Argument Anarchy vs. Dictatorship
3 High Rated Argument Is twilight worth watching?
2 Added Argument Christian homosexuals are hypocrites
4 Added Argument Should hate speech be protected as Free speech?
0 Added Argument Should The principles of christianity be taught in schools by force?
5 High Rated Argument Should Sex Offenders be able to get Custody of Kids?
2 Added Argument Was Allen West's Angry E-mail Appropriate?

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