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Mint_tea's Reward Points: 3758

Points When What Where
4 Added Argument Do colours have an independent existence?
1 Added Argument Do the Clintons celebrate President's Day, or just Bill?
1 Added Argument Is there a difference between being friendly to someone and being their friend?
4 Added Argument Who here can cook?
1 Added Argument I just saw one of the funniest things in my life, on CD.
1 Added Argument Do Trump supporters KNOW he lies, or don't care?
1 Added Argument Why is it important to care about the environment?
1 Added Argument Let's say we've got 30 years worth of oil left. Will you be able to afford gas in year 25?
1 Added Argument Time to end government pensions
3 Added Argument Should children at middle school learn other two foreing languages besides English?
4 Added Argument NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses
1 Added Argument Mycroft is less intelligent than Sherlock
-1 Downvoted Argument Lefty's say Northam should quit? Why don't righty's think Steve King should quit?
2 Added Argument What makes a foot race fair; the rules or the outcome?
1 Added Argument Because Western women are becoming masculine, men are looking for gals overseas
-1 Downvoted Argument 76% of Americans approve of Trump's speech
2 Added Argument Trump says walls work. I say they work, UNLESS you have a ladder or a tunnel
1 Added Argument 76% of Americans approve of Trump's speech
3 Added Argument I want to censor Outlaw's free speech
1 Added Argument What is the wisest lesson you have learned in all your existence?
1 Added Argument Should autistic people have children?
1 Added Argument Truly the CD Personas in songs. (This is to do the person right)
3 Added Argument Piece of steaming s^&t Trump can't get his way, cries in public and wets himself
1 Added Argument Excon and Bronto are the same person

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