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Mint_tea's Reward Points: 3184

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument This song is epic!
1 Added Argument Do you know what a food desert is? Do you have one in your town?
1 Added Argument Should Parents or Fast-Food Restaurants Be Blamed For Growth in Obesity
1 Added Argument Really bro? Atheists jump on Christians, but not Muslims? Hypocrits.
2 Added Argument Does Dermot Know Which Planet He Lives On?
2 Added Argument Does Dermot Know Which Planet He Lives On?
1 Added Argument ISIS is a perfect example of why more gun control is not the answer. Look what happened...
1 Added Argument When should kids be given smartphones?
1 Added Argument Are th attacks on the Bible justified?
1 Added Argument Batman vs Iron Man, Who Would Win?
4 Added Argument Obama Education Secretary tells Students to"Boycott School"
1 Added Argument Books or Movies?
1 Added Argument Is there a place for online debates in academia
2 Added Argument Is a witch hunt, a witch hunt, even if they FIND witches??
1 Added Argument Would you lie to save a friend?
1 Added Argument Do you think you deserve jail in this situation?
3 Added Argument Should all Christians be burned at the stake?
1 Added Argument If torture works, should we let the cops do it?
1 Added Argument Before you start ranting about gun control from this latest school shooting...DON'T!
1 Added Argument School shooting victims want armed guard armed teachers
2 Added Argument Just admit it, you could not care less about No Restriction abortion. You never speak out!
1 Added Argument Do you have ties to abortion if you vote for the Democrat Party?
0 Added Argument Should mental patients be sterilized by force?
1 Added Argument Attached please find definitive proof of a UFO caught on tape.

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