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Mint_tea's Reward Points: 3912

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Should We Have A Quota For Women In Parliament?
1 Added Argument Cheese is good for you
1 Added Argument Has natural selection ceased to exist as a phenomenon in human beings?
1 Added Argument Does the song God Bless America have racist lyrics or not?
1 Added Argument Intersectionality means rigorously judging the book by its cover.
1 Added Argument Which is better in producing energy?
1 Added Argument should university education be compulsory to all
1 Added Argument More than 200 dead in church, hotel bombings across Sri Lanka
2 Added Argument Isn't it the identity politics crowd who have divided America?
1 Added Argument I have an idea for a new product
2 Added Argument I Just Had The Most Horrid And Frightening Dream
1 Added Argument Right wing senators support Trump.. Is it cause they FEAR him, or BELIEVE in him?

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