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Mint_tea's Reward Points: 3542

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument Is it the press's job to ask questions or debate the President at briefings?
2 Added Argument Trump is BELOVED by his minions.. Does the left have ANYBODY who's BELOVED?
5 Added Argument Is it racist to say that if black people KNEW what's good for them, they'd be Republican?
1 Added Argument Oppose your normal side. What has Trump done right and wrong?
2 Added Argument Name a 'Rabbit Hole' to Explore
1 Added Argument Thoughts about Horror Movies such as the "Saw" franchise?
1 Added Argument Do we really need a wall?
1 Added Argument Is Kanye a true Trump Supporter?
1 Added Argument My theory that God is Satan is helped so much by xMathfanx
1 Added Argument Do you ever think about how much your mother sacrificed for you
1 Added Argument Synagogue shooter could get the death penalty. Should he?
10 Added Argument Taco Bell Employee Busted for Licking Tacos on Facebook

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