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MuckaMcCaw's Reward Points: 1969

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Please post here a list of people who annoy you.
2 Added Argument What are your thoughts on Neil deGrasse Tyson's quote here?
0 Added Argument Evolutionist, can something actually be created from nothing?
0 Added Argument Evolutionist, can something actually be created from nothing?
1 Added Argument Suicide, is it Selfish?
1 Added Argument The Existence of God
1 High Rated Argument Jesus Christ: History's biggest copycat?
1 Added Argument Why Everyone Hates Republicans
4 Added Argument Do you think that kids should learn about their own country instead of different countries
2 Added Argument The Big Bang, another scientific theory touted as fact looks to be another flat Earther.
1 Added Argument Parmenides and/or Heraclitus?
1 High Rated Argument There is no scientific evidence for evolution.
1 Added Argument Killing babies is wrong.
1 Created Debate Geek culture
1 Added Argument Man and Dinosours have always lived together.
2 Added Argument What is wrong with our society?
1 Added Argument Are Humans Currently More Or Less Likely To Evolve?
1 Added Argument What Do You Value More In A Partner?
1 Added Argument Made To Choose, Would You Be Male Or Female?
1 Added Argument Is Tabasco is bad?
1 Added Argument I have met very few people on this site who admit they are Democrat or Liberal. WHY?
1 Added Argument Equality is the perversion of the NATURAL order...
2 Added Argument How do you view Colorado?
5 Created Debate How do you view Colorado?

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