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PassionFruit's Reward Points: 307

Points When What Where
9 High Rated Argument Should all children recieve a trophy or medal in sporting events despite losing?
1 Added Argument George Zimmerman was just acquitted in the death of Travon Martin was he guilty?
2 Added Argument Was religion invented due to man's fear of death?
1 Added Argument What prevents crimes more effectively?
1 Added Argument On balance, religion is more harmful to society than it is beneficial.
1 Added Argument What we need is a dictatorship
2 Added Argument communisam V.S Freedom
1 Added Argument Is Democracy a form of soft tyranny or despotism?
1 Added Argument Should any government intervention be tolerated in the marketplace?
5 Added Argument Is atheism declining?
1 Added Argument Is atheism declining?
1 Added Argument New York Mayor Banning Large Sugar Filled Drinks

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