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ProLogos's Reward Points: 2794

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument There are some people so lost in their ideology, it's truly a waste of time to debate them
1 Added Argument What is your opinion on personality(typology) classification systems(not the crappy ones)
1 Added Argument Who Do You "Side" With?
2 Added Argument You understand that paying ransom for kidnapped people encourages more kidnapping correct?
3 Added Argument Future me or Past me? Who is present?
10 Added Argument Truth is subjective, Accuracy is not?
5 Created Debate Truth is subjective, Accuracy is not?
1 Added Argument A push-up bra doesn't help a woman do more push-ups.
8 Added Argument Bernie or Bust. What do you think?
1 Added Argument Should we kill spiders we find inside our homes or just put them outside?
5 Added Argument Political positions are oversimplified.
1 Added Argument Please add to my list of things I couldn't wait to jump into as a kid.

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