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Saurbaby's Reward Points: 5581

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Why Do You Down-vote?
1 Added Argument If You Saw Someone From CD on the Street Would You Say Hi or Run
5 Created Debate What's your opinion on women who never want to have children?
1 Added Argument What kind of abuse is worse, physical or emotional?
1 Added Argument Are you straight or gay/bi?
1 Added Argument Is abortion a better choice than adoption?
5 Created Debate What kind of abuse is worse, physical or emotional?
1 Added Argument Are humans more vicious than animals?
1 Added Argument Finger language should be taught in schools.
1 Added Argument You pick up a novel: Fiction or Non-Fiction?
1 Added Argument When Going on Trips, Do You Pack Light or Heavy?
1 Added Argument Do You Talk to Youself?
5 Created Debate What's the most ridiculous thing you've seen on the internet?
5 Created Debate NEW CD VIDEO <3
1 Added Argument Let's Talk Slang: Bro or Dude?
1 Added Argument what is best experience during twentysomething ?!
1 Added Argument Some guy is copying CreateDebate!
1 Added Argument Is it acceptable for older men [bronies] to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?
2 Created Debate What kind of influence, if any, did the song "Same Love" have?
1 Added Argument Will the Xbox one prove us all wrong, or will the PS4 take the top spot?
1 Added Argument Step 1. Set to full Screen - Step 2. Mute Sound - Step 3. Enjoy.
5 Created Debate Are you an organ donor? Why or why not? (Read description for more depth)
1 Added Argument Why do girls check out other girls?
1 Added Argument Insane Christian anti-porn movie will make you SO grateful you’re a sinner.

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