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Spuds's Reward Points: 1077

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate Burritolunch says Alex Jones invented the idea of globalists
5 Created Debate Burritolunch says Alex Jones made up the term New World Order
1 Added Argument Nom claims Putin is a Fascist, declaring Fascism is left wing
1 Added Argument Chicago Mayor's First Order Of Business: Getting To The Bottom Of The Jussie Smollett Case
3 Created Debate Will the Democrats running for President be showing us their tax returns?
5 Created Debate Nom claims Putin is a Fascist, declaring Fascism is left wing
4 Created Debate Nom defends Adolf Hitler
1 Added Argument Nom's worst argument. Anyone bad who claims to be left is right. 不不不
2 Added Argument What is the secret to eternal happiness?
1 Added Argument Would you prefer to live in a Communist, Muslim or Christian nation?
1 Added Argument Do I Have a Religious Discrimination Case?
2 Created Debate Every Democrat Who Voted Against Born Alive Bill Received $ From Planned Parenth
1 Added Argument When you call the fire department, do you want them to COME, or CHECK with billing?
5 Created Debate Is ISIS bride a U.S. citizen?
0 Created Debate Anyone notice the obvious with the Democrats?
1 Added Argument What is the wisest lesson you have learned in all your existence?
5 Created Debate Obama declared 11 national emergencies. Trump is still at zero.
1 Added Argument Will Smith in Blue Face - where's the outrage?
5 Created Debate Should students be required to give up their cell phones before entering class
5 Created Debate Ocasio Cortez should be named Ambassador to Venezuela
1 Added Argument Leftist smears Patriots as "The Preferred Team Of White Nationalists"
1 Added Argument Do you find the world in which we live to be profoundly horrific, great or between?
5 Created Debate Most Jews say the left is responsible for antisemitism
2 Created Debate No Trump border wall, but 'some sort of enhanced barrier' may be acceptable

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