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Sunset's Reward Points: 2024

Points When What Where
6 High Rated Argument Hey look, upvotes! IT IS BEING SUCCESSFUL, KEEP RETURNING!
1 Added Argument I want one of these!!!
2 High Rated Argument Is it the beginning of the end for Soda Head? Or Do you think it's still Cool?
1 Added Argument Should teenagers work while they are students?
1 Added Argument school uniform code
1 Added Argument Is New York gonna be the same after Sandy?
1 Added Argument can meeting someone at your job work out
3 Added Argument DENOUNCE HELLNO!!!
1 Added Argument Should people be allowed to release their anger on this disscussion page?
1 High Rated Argument "Women are nothing but machines for producing children" - Napoleon Bonaparte
1 Added Argument Spanking children after misbehaving
1 Added Argument Do you have the guts to shoot a bee hive?
1 Added Argument do you like to tell kids that santa clause doesnt exist
1 Added Argument 2012 Snappys - The final results are in!
1 High Rated Argument Smoking Should Be Banned
1 Added Argument Negative TV influence on children
1 Added Argument Bullies-what can you do?
2 Added Argument Which debater would you most like to have a drink with?
1 Added Argument –°hildbirth with cesarean
1 Added Argument WATCH > Is This the Most Overused Line on 'Law and Order'?
1 Added Argument Is watching Pornography bad?
1 Added Argument Any Left-Handed people out there?
1 Added Argument school
2 Added Argument Is watching Pornography bad?

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