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Traumatik's Reward Points: 10

Points When What Where
1 Created Debate I'm going to bite into your balls like a chupacabra with rabies
2 Created Debate If you don't agree with everything I say I will severely damage your butt hole
1 Created Debate Dana needs to finally come to terms with the facts and become a socialist atheist.
1 Added Argument Breaking news: Riots on Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
1 Created Debate Brontoraptor dreams of sucking toddler dick and eating out ass holes
1 Added Argument Hind sight is 2020 so after the 2020 election we'll find out if we made a mistake in 2016
1 Added Argument Is the God of the Bible, good, or evil?
1 Added Argument Is Trump a white racist?
1 Created Debate Traumatik impersonation

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