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TzarPepe's Reward Points: 793

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Do Atheists/agnostics have superior moral compasses?
1 Added Argument Theism and Atheism
1 Added Argument Don’t put up with bullying on C D
1 Added Argument Thoughts on Facism?
1 Added Argument Why can not one atheist moral reprobate tell me...
0 Added Argument STOP What You Are Doing And Check The Waterfall Right Now
1 Added Argument Have I Eviscerated The Right Wing Trolls On This Site?
1 Added Argument Is atheism unbelief or a desire for God to not exist?
0 Added Argument The Trial of Nomenclature AKA NumberOne
1 Added Argument Can we all come together instead of ruthlessly attacking each other?
4 Added Argument Is atheism unbelief or a desire for God to not exist?
1 Added Argument Atheists, is it possible...
3 Added Argument I still want to know from you atheists...
1 Added Argument Humanity Is Doomed Because Of Itself
3 Added Argument Atheists are Determinist Machines
1 Added Argument Why aren't Whites supposed to be proud of their race & culture?
2 Added Argument Christians are atheists.
1 Added Argument If I create enough blithering moronic posts, I’ll get respect.
1 Added Argument Most Christians only believe because they have been brainwashed from a young age
1 Added Argument Thoughts on the legality of rocket launchers?
1 Added Argument Why can't women walk around topless if fat disgusting men can?
1 Added Argument Guys, When You Look At Trump What Do You See?
1 Added Argument Would things be better if China or Russia were the dominant world power?
2 Added Argument God's omniscience and our free will...

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