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YeshuaBought's Reward Points: 1347

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Do you look to Jesus for guidance?
5 Created Debate Individualism versus collectivism!
2 Added Argument Why do westerners like criticizing and Chinese like praising?
1 Added Argument my cat beat a fox in a fight
1 Added Argument 150th Judge confirmed during Trump Presidency. your thoughts?
5 Created Debate 150th Judge confirmed during Trump Presidency. your thoughts?
1 Added Argument Dog identifies as genderfluid to avoid getting neutered
3 Created Debate Bronto's comment on mentally disabled people voting. #Ableism
1 Added Argument Donald Trump is what happens when you allow the mentally disabled to vote
1 Added Argument Is Bombmaking A Right For Law-Abiding Muslims?
5 Created Debate #MybodyMyChoice I have the right to kill an attacker, if there is a risk of grievous harm.
4 Created Debate Bull fucking shit.
1 Created Debate Germany stock up on iiodine, in case of nuclear war.
2 Created Debate Hypocrisy.
5 Created Debate Will this man go to Heaven, and be with Jesus?
5 Created Debate Is gun ownership a right, for law abding adults?
1 Added Argument Which is the greatest sacrifice?
3 Created Debate I agree with this meme, change my mind.
1 Created Debate Which do you prefer?
1 Added Argument The racist history of LIBERAL gun control.
1 Created Debate Have you ever fucked yourself and been like: DAMN, I'm good.
1 Added Argument Why would Gays & women vote for Dems when the Party embraces discrimination by Muslims?
1 Added Argument You can now "Officially label Ilhan Omar an Anti-LGBT Bigot"
1 Added Argument How many more MASS shootings do we have to endure BEFORE we do something??

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