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_deleted0_'s Reward Points: 850

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate Newbies or oldbies?
1 Added Argument Did Nummi create a new account?
-1 Downvoted Argument If God asked you to sacrifice your own child, would you do it?
1 Added Argument Is teaching kids religion brainwashing?
4 Added Argument Joe reaches out to the gay community to offer his strategy to end the gay marriage debate
2 Added Argument Just wondering - please answer atheists!
5 Created Debate Just wondering - please answer atheists!
1 Added Argument Milk Chocolate versus Dark & White Chocolate
2 Added Argument Joe wants to know why people come here to debate?
1 Added Argument Noah's Ark, Jonah and the Whale, Adam and Eve....Do you believe in fairy tales?
1 Added Argument Women should be given 6 months maternity leave
1 Added Argument Beauty pageants for children are detrimental
7 Added Argument Women have it rough
1 Added Argument prisoners given a life sentence (25 years) should be given the choice of death.
1 Added Argument Ask me and I'll ask Saurbaby Part one ;)
1 Added Argument Everyone thinks logically
1 Added Argument Have you noticed.....
8 Added Argument is it me, or do americans think they're the only people living on this planet?
5 Created Debate Were the olympics awesome or what?!?!?! :D
1 Added Argument Should I get the Nintendo 3ds or iPod Touch
7 Added Argument Buy or illegal download?
1 Added Argument Little for a Lot, or a Lot for Little?
1 Added Argument Buy or illegal download?
5 Created Debate Buy or illegal download?

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