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addltd's Reward Points: 5143

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate would be easier to respond if you hadn't blocked me
1 Added Argument How Can Andy Best Stop Multi-Accounting?
1 Added Argument If space is accelerating, does that mean time is slowing down?
1 Added Argument Pick one.
1 Added Argument Haven't Seen Brontoraptor Here In A While
1 Added Argument Suicide My F%#@*&g Asshole
1 Added Argument Alabama outlaws abortion. No exceptions for rape or incest. PRISON if violated. Good Law?
1 Added Argument Andy hates swearing, but doesn't mind harmful propaganda
1 Added Argument I am the grand priest of CD
0 Added Argument I am simply a genius god-tier, best user of the website oh god Andy help me.
1 Added Argument If my friends and I colonize another planet, do we have to let you live there?
1 Added Argument What Happened Yesterday????

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