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addltd's Reward Points: 5142

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument CreateDebate Damage Control! Leaderboard Gone! RIP
1 Added Argument Duck boat crashed in Seattle - dozens died. Duck boat sinks in Branson - 17 dead.
1 Added Argument I've got this HUGE piece of meat. What shall I do with it?
1 Added Argument Should people spend more time off of technology?
1 Added Argument Should smoking tobacco be outlawed?
1 Added Argument an 8 years old girl gang rape and murder trigger new outrage over india rape culture
1 Added Argument Call for John Kerry's arrest over treason
2 Added Argument Call for John Kerry's arrest over treason
1 Added Argument What has Jesus been doing for 2000 Years?
1 Added Argument Can you prove that zoophilia is wrong?
1 Added Argument I guess I'll start re-doing all my old debates... if no one minds?
1 Added Argument @Fresno_State President @JosephICastro do you support Professor Jarrar?

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