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asdqwe678's Reward Points: 92

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument The best source of getting knowledge
1 Added Argument Should students wear school uniforms?
1 Added Argument The problem with life is that it never ends well.
1 Added Argument Should women go around doing this - or - things women do that men love
3 Added Argument will WW3 be the end of the world?
3 Created Debate What's the point of Xbox One ?
1 Added Argument Should Boxing be Banned?
1 Added Argument Is it Okay to Call the USSR Russia?
1 Added Argument pizza or ice cream
1 Added Argument Which form of travel makes more sense when going to the gym?
0 Added Argument You cannot force someone to believe something against their will.
1 Added Argument What is Modesty good for?
1 Added Argument Is tap water better then bottled water?
1 Added Argument The Abstract: Is the Abstract Real?
1 Added Argument Do games permote violence or self defence?
1 Added Argument What's the worst crime you've ever committed?
1 Added Argument should we admit that life was much easier when APPLE and BLACKBERRY were just fruits ?
1 Added Argument What Bothers a Person the Most About Christianity
3 Added Argument Is God cool enough to do this?
1 Added Argument bullies should be punished not helped
1 Added Argument Wii U, PS4 , or xbox one? which one do you prefer
1 Added Argument When is it acceptable to kill another human being?
2 Added Argument Should Violent video games be banned ?
1 Added Argument If God were to exist, would it be moral to worship him?

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