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atypican's Reward Points: 4874

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate Why/Why not eat meat?
1 Added Argument Cultural Fingerpointing
1 Added Argument An assault on truth
5 Created Debate An assault on truth
1 Added Argument Do you think school should be five days a week?
1 Added Argument I'm still waiting for one Progressive on this site to address State sponsered hate speech.
5 Created Debate Cultural Fingerpointing
5 Created Debate If it was inevitable that Islam would become dominant worldwide...
5 Created Debate The more intelligent position concerning religion
1 Added Argument Religion breeds ignorance and impedes progress
1 Added Argument What do you seek when life becomes meaningless?
3 Created Debate IQocracy.....why?......why not?
5 Created Debate Would I be guilty of a crime??
1 Created Debate Very nice, thought provoking discussion/debate...listen and weigh in
1 Added Argument The American War on Terror was a mistake.
1 Added Argument A psychotic atheist becomes a Christian.
-1 Downvoted Argument The origin of life is fire
1 Added Argument How are religion, law, and morality related?
8 Added Argument The origin of life is fire
5 Created Debate The origin of life is fire
5 Created Debate Outlaw60 says that the Manchester attacks were commanded by God
1 Added Argument Land Rights
3 Added Argument Can you be a Muslim if....
4 Added Argument Land Rights

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