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wisegrip's Reward Points: 132

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Why do you believe in a deity? (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.)
2 Added Argument Animals are humans / Humans are animals?
1 Added Argument What is it that people really want? Something more or something else?
1 Added Argument Does Power Corrupt or Magnify?
1 Added Argument Is women's empowerment a myth in countries like india ?
1 Added Argument This site has many people who want someone else to take care of them. Some quotes.
1 Added Argument Incest
1 Added Argument Better that ten guilty go free than one innocent party suffer?
1 Added Argument Is There Meaning or Is Meaning What You Make It?
1 Added Argument If someone has sex with a girl who consents to sex while drunk, why can they in trouble?
1 Added Argument The Morality of Revenge
1 Added Argument Why is it so difficult to live in harmony
1 Added Argument Should we go to Mars?
1 Added Argument Apartment living or Home ownership
2 Added Argument Easier to control people that are all the same or people that are all different?
0 Added Argument Does using profanity bolster your argument?
1 Added Argument Is Anyone Born Evil? Nature Vs Nurture
1 Added Argument The World: Will it End?
1 Added Argument Our war with Japan was all a big misunderstanding.
1 Added Argument Our war with Japan was all a big misunderstanding.
1 Added Argument What is your opinion on personality(typology) classification systems(not the crappy ones)
1 Added Argument modern gadgets have made us slaves to machines
3 Added Argument Should there be a test to be a parent?

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