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zacklee1986's Reward Points: 64

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Atheist are more peaceful than religious people
5 Created Debate Do girls have more privileges than boys (sexism) ?
4 Created Debate Is stalking against the law and moral ?
1 Added Argument Do you think free speech should be protected even if it is extremely offensive? Why?
4 Created Debate Is female a higher achiever than male ?
1 Added Argument We need an apocalypse
1 Added Argument Could China beat the USA in a war?
5 Created Debate Someone intrudes your life , what do you do ?
5 Created Debate Do you believe in MIRACLE ?
1 Created Debate Dignity is worth a zillion .
1 Added Argument Should the Government place CCTV cameras everywhere?
5 Created Debate Have you ever bump into a ghost before ?
1 Created Debate A large collection of trendy attires by girls is acceptable .
4 Created Debate Tarot cards can foresee one's future .
5 Created Debate Watching Movies and Playing Online Games . Which is more addicting ?
1 Added Argument Do cartoons have any influence to the eye of the beholder?
1 Created Debate Is there Justice in the society ?
1 Created Debate Gossip is a leisure ? Gossip embed some latent effect to the practiser ?
1 Added Argument Does moving in together before marriage hurt or help a relationship?
1 Added Argument If necessary would you hit your parents back or keep your hands to yourself?
1 Added Argument Do the ends justify the means?
1 Created Debate Should Plastic Surgery be embedded into our dailylife-pursued luxuries ?
4 Created Debate Music - A magical soul-healing tool ?

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