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RSS Antrim

Reward Points:1155
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Antrim(1155) Clarified
2 points

One thing you must never do is hang that picture in a place where it could be seen.

Antrim(1155) Clarified
4 points

@x, I concur with you completely.

Your post was more concise than mine but the message was the same.

It's amazing that filth like this pervert can lie and fart in bed all day, then get boozed and drugged up and complain about how the world is ill divided between the rich and the poor.

Can't you just imagine this piece of brainless shit sitting in the pub expounding his master plan for THE NEW ORDER 0F THE WORLD'S ECONOMY.

Man, man oh man,

3 points

@ Numbertwo- Your addiction to booze and drugs explains why you spend most of your time hating people who have achieved success, have made something of themselves and are relatively much better off than you.

Your ridiculously juvenile questions about how to secure finance to start a business was a graphic illustration of just how utterly useless you are.

No financial institution would lend an alcoholic junkie like you a penny, so you can forget even trying to borrow.

Not that you ever had any intentions of doing so, I know your type.

As you languish in your state of mindless inebriation there are people working hard to achieve their life's ambitions.

You'll spend the rest of your useless life boozed up smoking pot while complaining about how unfair it is that the world belongs to those capable, hard working achievers.

2 points

Perverts like you need alcohol as you cannot face the stark realities of life without being in a booze induced stupor.

You are clearly the sort of weak minded low life who hits the bottle when the going gets tough and hides under the bed until things have settled down.

I also note that you use marijuana as a crutch to get through the day.

You are a useless waste of the earth's resources.

The oxygen and space you waste up could be used for much better purposes.

I'll bet you spend most of your time drugged and boozed up cuddled up to your whore mother.

Do you pish and crap yourself?

Do the local health authorities have to employ outside contractors to clean up the shitty mess you make in public places

You represent everything that is wrong with our society and you not only seem proud of your shocking character flaws but you boast about them.

Antrim(1155) Clarified
1 point

Well, as my answer is in the no column and my description of the glutton as being a 'fat guy is in the opening sentence of my reply, I think it would be fair to say no he was not thin.

4 points

I was behind a fat guy in a Burger King shop who ordered two double whoppers, each with two eggs bacon and cheese, french fries, battered onion rings, hash browns, pancakes with syrup and a DIET COKE.

2 points

The United States was founded by courageous pioneers who depended only on their own self-reliance, congenital work ethic, innovation and indomitable spirit to forge our great nation which is now being eroded by the unregulated influx of parasitic immigrant leeches who are sucking the life blood from the economy.

None of these strong character distinctions are present in the psyche' of the average socialist freeloader.

Russia discovered, eventually, that the great socialist experiment was a total failure.

1 point

Actually I think one of their rogue, unarmed rockets did land on one of their cities recently.

3 points

Having to resort to juvenile name calling is clear evidence of an inability to produce a rational and reasoned counter argument.

The Bongo is at the bottom of the food chain throughout the world, just as mother nature intended.

All other ethnic classifications can prosper in the U.S.A., but not the poor lil ol' downtrodden Bongos.

Funny that, isn't it?

1 point

How to make a hole.

Take a pencil.

Lubricate it's surface with, let's say olive oil, extra virgin of course.

Wrap some plasticine around the pencil.

Withdraw the pencil and, hey presto, you have engineered a structure with a hollow centre, or in other words a long mini tunnel like single hole.

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