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RSS Azra

Reward Points:543
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Did I misword that? I am only mentioning females. Sorry dude. My mistake.

1 point

Depends on the sizes of your boobies dude. I have small boobies so I dont really have a problem until people buy you bras that are too big. Then its a problem.

1 point

I think this site is now just a pit for people to stick a rumor onto and have it fester until that person just can't even debate normally anymore. Now whenever I debate with her I will think of a MILF. That's crazy dude.

1 point

I never thought of that. We never reward people for never doing drugs or anything.

2 points

I want a fan. I want a mini fan that I can hold I my hand. Or maybe one that revolves around my head by floating and can cool me down.

1 point

Lol no I wouldn't kick you. I would hug you until you pass out. Silly Joe.

1 point

But I am so small amd tiny and I have no clue how to wrestle. However I can kickbox.

1 point

Haha sure thing dude.

1 point

Lol I do. I actually do. I keep my butt imprint on the couch and always deplete our food in one day so yep.

1 point

It's natural selection. We are becomimg the strongest.

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About Me

"I love debating. I usually never hold back or back down. Any questions?"

Biographical Information
Name: Azra Sadikovic
Gender: Girl
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Education: In College

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