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1 point

This is very interesting, only because the public school board doesn't think it's important to teach in California...

I believe we should, ultimately, accept Mexican immigrants and legalize them. This sounds simple, maybe, but it is really a very complex thing to consider. There are a lot of particulars that could make or break the idea, and I've just sat here for maybe 30 minutes thinking about the implications of every tiny thought that's went through my mind... but I believe that the best thing to do would be to legalize the immigrants that are here, now, but deport Mexicans that have a criminal history here which is hard to tell when they're not citizens, and deport drug abusers.

It would help everyone involved, I think, because Mexican immigrants would have the freedom to move out into job sectors that they aren't allowed as illegals. This would cause them to seek higher education, to push out of the barrios that they are stuck in, and would give them rights as employees that they currently need. Getting people out of the barrios will be more difficult than just legalizing them, it's going to take a lot more, but Mexicans are hard working people, good people, they really are. Even despite the fact that they aren't recognized by the state, have no protection in the united states, and are so looked down upon by resident population of America.

So I say we legalize them for the good of the Americans that are and are not currently recognized by the state.

That, or you can all get the f*ck off of my property. I am over 50% real "Native American".

1 point

The one about thought processes would be interesting but you put "Yes chemicals" and "No Im in control" as the sides. I think that they're caused by chemicals and a bunch of other things, and you can be in control of your chemicals or thought processes... so I don't really want to get into it.

The one about fear and respect, it's situational. Then, the one about which name is more descriptive, I don't see a purpose it debating this.

1 point

I would say music was at it's best between 1915 and 1949.

So, on a scale, 1 (one) being the best...

1. 1915-1949

2. 2000-2009

3. 1990-1999

4. 1980-1989

5. 1950-1969

6. 1970-1979

Classical from all eras is great but if we're talking time periods I think that means popular music of the time... It's hard to get that in there.

Also, I know that this isn't in 4 year cycles.

1 point

Maybe you should throw that out there as a debate topic, if nothing else it's 5 points for you. It would be interesting to see other's thoughts on this, but you should set up your perimeters well so people will give worthwhile answers.

1 point

"I don't think it's necessarily a lack of interest of will, but a lack of goals and direction, that has de-railed us."

If this is true to you, where should our youth be getting their direction? What should be their source of inspiration?

1 point

Excuse me there Xaeon, but the internet was invented by the two hands and beating heart of no other than Al Gore himself! Al Gore may be english though, seeing as he's a tree hugger.

/What America Really Thinks

4 points

Mostly true, and my view point here is sort of pessimistic, but I feel it's still valid on it's own.

The internet has potential but I can easily see it running into problems in the future. Not just problems that we can get over, but problems that have poorly conceived solutions that people will just accept, as a way of life. Just as television was free, and now it's $30 or something for a select few channels. It's no longer a free roaming place for the conscious mind, it's a sort of Mall that has rules and regulations like every other place in the world. Making duplicates of information is now theft, things can be hidden, there are places that we cannot go, even just for information (I'm not talking about porn).

The internet is a good thing, now, but in the future I cannot tell. So is it's beginning good if it ultimately condemns people in the end... I would say the television was a good thing, but look at it now, it's a monster. A complete waste of time, so that you can watch animals in africa, instead of studying them yourself if you have the balls... you can get news from a network like Fox or any other alphabet network instead of being there when shit goes down, or reading a paper, or talking to people who have been effected by events recapped in the "news"...

Society is debased and no one is asking why. It's as if people are too lazy, to unmotivated to care about the functioning parts in society that make their lives possible. Ask someone in the city what they think about the soil in Iowa or Missouri, they'll look at you like you're a fucking retard, but they're the ones eating from the soil in Iowa! They just don't care anymore, no one cares about almost anything. More people care about Lost or whatever's on the T.V. these days than anything about soil at all, and it's important shit. People look at work as if it's evil, like their boss is evil, and the CEO of their corporation is evil and everything that they stand for as a business is evil... and that's ALL they do, just look at it and complain until they can escape it and it's all behind them... until they have a new job to complain about, they won't need to worry about that other wicked business.

Try making your own business, you will look evil too, because when you're at work your job isn't to be a philanthropist, it's to get something in exchange for something else. People see that as evil too, you see? If you don't just give something to me, you're fucking evil! >:O

People seem to have forgotten, or never learned these things. No one feels privileged, they feel like someone, somewhere OWES them. This is a problem in America, I see it every day. I can list a million things here, that people have opinions about but lack any knowledge of, whatsoever...

I'll spare us though, because you never asked and I'm rambling on the internet.

3 points

Hard work in 2009 is:

- recycling

- conserving water and electricity

- growing your own food

- cooking every night (never going out unless it's to the grocery store or a special occasion)

- doing repairs to your car, house, etc. YOURSELF.

- closing the door of an air-conditioned building after you've walked in

- finding a trash can to put your trash in (or if you can't find a trash can, carrying it with you until you do find one)

- being polite to elders, holding doors open for females, opening the passenger door to your car for your significant other

- making your bed in the morning, because it looks good and keeps shit clean

- and then going to work and caring about the business that you're in... as if it belongs to you.

Hard work isn't just swinging a hammer while you're getting paid for it. If you don't work hard, as if you care, your quality of work will follow you home... and then you piss me off when I see your trash on the ground everywhere, especially when it's 12 feet from a trash can, and when I go to the grocery store and have to navigate a 50,000 square foot parking lot full of randomly placed baskets because people can't just walk their shit back to the store, and when I work and all I hear about from my co-workers is shit that could just as likely come from a girl... "I got a new x", "Someone said x", "I can't wait until I'm off".

Call me old fashioned but "just enough" is never enough when it comes to your work ethic.

4 points

- Open Mindedness (separation of church and state, freedom of religion, etc.)

- Liberty

- The people who actually cared about America instead of blindly proclaiming it's greatness (Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Ben Franklin, etc.).

- The abolition of slavery and the industrial revolution.

- The history of flight.

- The Space Race

- Nothing after that... and I always wonder why. When I look back into these history books I'm always like "Where did these people go?". The ones that were inventing things that were useful, and good. The assembly line was an American invention, the vertically integrated business, the refrigerator, the airplane, the telephone, the light bulb, the computer... the microwave, the television if it's worth mentioning...

What happened? If you notice, most of the things invented in the late 1800's, that were sold and bought, were things like Sewing machines, tractors, tools... anything that would be used to help the society as a whole. They were products that increased capital, things that people needed in order to work.

I think that's something that America has lost touch with. We used to be a nation of working people. Now, with the supermarket, our backwards food industry, microwave, televisions, dvd players, cell phones, TONS OF DRUGS, omniscient mainstream media... our stupid politics (liberal vs conservative, hurr durr), and our overly dictating and distracting faith systems, like mega churches and their involvement in politics and society...

We feel like we don't need to work anymore. We feel like we don't need to push boundaries anymore, because the people that we buy shit from will just do it for us, eventually, and we'll pay for whatever they come up with for doing it.

2 points

"span style="color: #a13f00;"

How'd you do the red and blue text??????????????????????????????????????

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