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1 point

i have alot of friends who are right wingers, but i dont usually talk politics with them. i think the majority of people are not very political. they have their ideas and thoughts, but theyre not going to just come out all of a sudden and say, "we need to privatise everything!".

1 point

i dont think that these large cities you speak of are liberal at all. ny has a republican mayor. sf's biggest industry is banking. how liberal can they be? bear also in mind that california has a republican governor. chicago might be liberal by american standards, but if you look at the issues, they are quite conservative. to sum things up, america is a very socially conservative country, regardless of rural or urban.

1 point

it can also be good if you arent selfish and want to see other people treated. not everyone is selfish and i think there are people out there who dont want to see other people get sick and die. you might be rich now but there might be a time when you will be and then you will have nothing to fall back on because you voted for privatisation.

1 point

democrats are right wing. maybe not as extreme as republicans, but they are still right wing. if they were left wing, then you would find a lot more state runned industries. you would not have so much privatisation as you see in america. i think america has something like 98% private runned industries. in order to qualify as left wing, you would probably need at least 60% state runned industry, and i would say that income tax should be at least 70%. most americans are uneducated, and do not know what left wing is. danmark is a right wing country and their highest income tax bracket is 60%.

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