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RSS Chicken

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

i didnt know u were on here for a yr or when u do i still get evicted??!!

1 point

isn't the idea of a debate to argue with people to a point?

it's not a debate if you don't have someone to contradict u on EVERYTHING u say...

1 point

well one would assume not, how does u know if u have wings in heaven? so then ud only get the points for getting to heaven, which is a pretty stupid thing just to get frequent flyer points... but then assuming a bee could get frequent flyer points ... wouldn't it be the same principle? you'd fly all the time what would discern if the trip deserved frequent flyer points or not? would there be some kind of tally?

3 points

gay couples are just like straight couples

generally straight couples don't mind if their children are gay hence y gay ppl stopped hiding

it's the same with gay couples. they wouldn't mind if their children r gay or straight. they love them the same anyway.

1 point

well u see thats not always true

i know a gay guy who hates anal...

i asked him how that worked n he said he hates pussy more then he hates assholes

he cant have sex...


1 point

They look old n seedy

how do u tell if someones presential team is effective or not?

its really dependable on whether Obama has done anything effective or awesome to the world as of yet

i cant tell

im in australia n dont really care that much

but as the first home owners grant as moved up from 21 000 too 32 000 he must be doin somethin good so im good with the seedy old paedophiles

1 point

how do u do, without first speaking?

when the fate of doing can potentially involve the ENTIRE WORLD u cant just do. one must first talk and explain to said world why you are doing this and what can happen, i.e. pro's and con's.

1 point

its a very debatable subject

does he talk too much, or just the right amount?

i honestly havent noticed that much

whenever he does talk tho it always has a purpose and is about the good of the general world so maybe its just him, maybe he's just got a really annoying voice (the kind that teachers hear over everyone else even when they're whispering) that makes it seem like he talks too much but i dont think he does

his speech's always have a very good point which makes it hard to discern if he talks too much or not so.

1 point

because in Australia, land down under, good ol land of oz all that crap, you cant go to the toilet without it splashing all over the place

its just not right

just like every true australian knows how to work a barbeque and a mower a toilet is not a toilet with out the splash effect

2 points

i reckon if we did all we'd need to do is burn parliament house an they'd get the idea. but it would be fun to crucify k.ruddy...or is that the sadistic part of me...either way i vote LETS GO FOR IT!

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About Me

"i have been described as a satanic, deathmetal, pothead so ill stick with that... although i dont smoke that shit anymore i still get called stoner bronwen...i dont get it..."

Biographical Information
Name: Bronwen Rennie
Gender: Lady
Age: 32
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Other
Country: Australia
Postal Code: 04350
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School

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