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RSS ChuckHades

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2 points

All religions are cults

Technically yes, but it's still nice to keep a distinction between "sane religion" and "insane religion" for the purpose of convenience. In the same way that humans are animals, but nevertheless we distinguish ourselves from them for convenience in debate. Let us say that Western religion is cult like, and Scientology, The Branch, etc, are "true cults"- religions whose practices are so distinct from typical worship they cannot really be called "religion".

I studied Hitler and WW2 very deeply and the fact is Hitler was just as Christian as an American Evengelical.

That's a bold claim on a dubious topic.

I would like to hear evidence for this beyond He said in Mein Kampf blah blah blah. Religion is a powerful tool, and a man as smart as Hitler would have known that pretending to be Christian would have netted him key support. Futher, Hitler did not support Catholic or Protestants, he supported his own church that eliminated the gospels and Jewish origin.

To be honest, if I may have permission to make up a word here, I'd say Hitler was a Christo-Nazi. A believer in an unorthodox, probably Aryan Christ who merged vague concepts of Christanity with Nazi doctrine. And to me, "Christo-Nazism" would be a cult (a true cult, as I made the point earlier).

2 points

You need to be more provocative. For example, title the debate: Hitler was a bastard atheist, that's bound to get more attention ;)

2 points

Neither really. He most likely dabbled in the occult, at a push one could say he practiced a very warped version of Christianity, but I don't feel he falls into either of these groups.

Women speak 7000 words a day, yet all it takes to get a man to listen is two cute puppies ;)

2 points

Well, I tried. I guess I should just kill myself now, seeing as the one thing in my life which would give me any meaning whatsoever has now been taken, rendering my life's endeavours fruitless.

(This is the part where you give me a sympathy upvote, it's like a virtual pat on the head.)

That's clearly a logical fallacy , I win.

3 points

Jesus man, didn't you just do this? I know you like points an' all, but it's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year.

You could have at least saved it until Christmas day, and called it "Proof Baby Jesus was not a parasite" ;)

I know a gamete is a cell, but 1 gamete + 1 gamete = 2 gametes, ie, a clump. With humans, 50 trillion diploid cells all combined are a clump, but each one is of course not a clump.

On second thought, maybe you need more than two to be a clump, eliminating zygotes mostly (and even then they have a single cell stage, if a very small one).

Fuck I dunno, why don't we just give it a unique name? Like Trevor or something. So human life would be

Single cell ------------------------> Trevor ------------------------------> Multi cell.

I like it ;)

ChuckHades(3179) Clarified
1 point

Er... yes, yes it is. All multi-celled organisms are a clump of cells.. A gamete is a cell. Two or more gametes = clump of cells. Two or more diploids = clump of cells. In the case of humans, 50 trillion diploids = clump of cells.

Sure .

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"I still think it's 1975, I like David Bowie and I shave with Occams Razor. That's about it really..."

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Name: Rhys 
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School
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