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RSS Cr3wt0n

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1 point

Preach bruddah. Being able to judge is a gift that "god" gave us to begin with. So in ur own right, you contradict your own belief if you truly believes judges must be removed. As without being able to judge any situation, or any person, or anything at all no living conscious entity on EARTH could survive. This argument big dumb

1 point

So let me get this straight. Any murderer should instantly die for the crime they committed is a an instance you used. Therefore in your mind, if a baby inadvertently kills their mother through being born, the baby should die. And in ur mind, the murderer should be killed. That yet again breeds another murderer due to the killing of the original, which therefore causes a decreasing exponential equation of life until humanity ceases to exist. Ur argument is flawed. Despite me being Christian and believing this, Judges are needed however crude in comparison they may seem to God. ( Also some people don't believe in God, or certain gods, or religion at all)

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