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RSS CrapWeasel

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4 points

But there were much less homicides because there were much less people. Instead of just admitting you said something stupid, you try to distort language around it. Homicide rates mean absolutely nothing to the topic under discussion you idiotic prick.

Less total homicides vs less percentage of homicides per the total population. If I put you in a room with 20 psychopaths, the room isn't safer because there are a total of more psychopaths outside the room. The percentage of psychopaths in the room is 100%. God you're a fucking no common sense dumbass.

2 points

Bronto, wtf does the size of the Persian army in the "Battle of Thermopylae" have to do with anything?

It shows that battles in the past consisted of more ground forces by far, and battles in ancient times were to the death.

Obviously a lot more people have died since the invention of guns, because since then we have had two world wars, which alone killed close to 100 million people

First, you've given no evidence of this claim.

Second, even if it were true, it would be because populations are greater. If the percentage of the population for sword kills was higher then than the percentage of kills for guns compared to populations now, your argument is dead.

Third. Even if you could prove more deaths now, that would not disprove that without guns people still fight wars and still kill each other.

Fourth. Most people don't fight in wars. Exclude two wars from 70+ years ago, and it was more dangerous for those not in the middle of wars pre-gun. Your position doesn't disarm the military. It disarms the citizenry. Disarming the citizenry wouldn't have changed the World War death counts. And vigilante justice was much higher pre-gun, which actually affects the non-war citizenry.

2 points

You made the broad sweeping claim that Democrats are not socialists and are a party of capitalists.

Lie counter: 83

1 point

You think it's a lie to point out that the American Democrat Party is capitalist?

It's a lie to claim the Democrat Party isn't heavily supported by socialists.

TheNotorious lie counter: 82

2 points

Battle of Thermopylae


Units Numbers

Fleet crew 517,610

Infantry 1,700,000[5]

Cavalry 80,000[6]

Arabs and Libyans 20,000[7]

Greek puppet troops 324,000

Total 2,641,610 ofThermopylae#SizeofthePersianarmy

2 points

I need your death toll numbers from 500 BC.

1 point

Democrats are capitalists.

TheNotorious Lie counter: 81

Bernie Sanders, Ocasio Cortez: Democrats

Bernie Sanders, Ocasio Cortez: Socialists

2 points

A LOT LESS than died AFTER it, you retard.

Prove it. Next, tell us the world was safe and not dangerous pre gun. Please. You look ridiculous.

Give me those numbers liar.

2 points

Denying the relationship between guns and violence is ridiculous.

Hello history denier. How many people died in wars and assaults prior to the invention of the gun again? Give me those numbers.

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