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RSS DKCairns

Reward Points:868
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1 point

Of course people who want a family plan for it otherwise they use contraception and those who do not have to face the consequences if it is just unprotected sex.

The oxymoron is in the question

1 point

Take at good look at Finland the first country in Europe to promote the idea of a universal basic income to everyone irrespective of whether they are working or not.

Will be interesting to see how it works out .... and how those not working manage to fill the hours of their days ?

1 point

The reality is that we have been here many times before as science and technology have dragged us kicking and screaming into the future.

Look back when the horse and cart were replaced by mechanized vehicles and then the industrial revolution that put thousands of factory workers out of work replaced by machines, agricultural practices made the farm labourer and the horse extinct with the evolution of the tractor and mechanized food production.

There are so many examples of huge changes in the workforce over time, and we are about to go through yet another one, this time with a much larger global population.

1 point

We accumulate our opinions from a variety of sources, sometimes without questioning the validity of the information and thereby assume we have gained knowledge which may be true or false.

It takes critical intelligence to differentiate between the two and the necessity to change our minds.

2 points

You are mixing your metaphor

Sexual orientation has nothing to do with contagion

2 points

It is reasonable to accept that as more people come out that other people will feel more confident to do so.

Its not a matter of contagion more a matter of the increasing level acceptance

1 point

Humanity cannot live in a vacuum so we invented the "File Box" so we can neatly label people, by their opinions, habits, interests, way of life, employment, etc etc

Ipso facto everyone gets put into a box and then human animals can feel comfortable with the other people in their box and try to get other people in other boxes to join them so they feel even more comfortable and have the biggest box.

1 point

You are most definitely confusing me with someone else

May I suggest that you should be careful to get your facts correct before you accuse the wrong person

1 point

I still do not understand your debate position

Why should I get over a fear of Islam when I do not experience any fear of Islam.....?

1 point

Strange - I supported your statement and you disputed it

What does Islamaphobia have to do with the original question....?

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