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RSS Dante756

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1 point

He didn't go after socialists you idiot. He went after communists.

1 point

"He was NATIONAL socialist and aligned himself with fascist and totalitarian leaders

, Far Right Mussolini and the empirical Hirohito and Tojo."

Aren't you forgetting Socialist/Communist Josef Stalin?

1 point

Then how has gov't spending under Obama nearly doubled while under Reagan it nearly halved?

1 point

Ben Shapiro posted this, right? Seems pretty accurate...................

2 points

You are either born a male or a female. There have been dozens of cases of the tranny bathroom allowances being abused.

1 point

I feel for you. I identify as a multibillionaire. I have recently transitioned, but people are not accepting me in my new persona. I am lucky enough to have many lawyers at my disposal.

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