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Well I admit that being high sort of makes some actions better, but I doubt that it's a requirement.


On a serious note, one should not take advice from a book like the bible.. any version of it for that matter. We're talking about a text that is mostly claimed to be the word of god, and it declares that when the end times arrives. The stars shall fall from the heavens and physically land on the earth.. just by writing that. That person proved that they did not know what stars actually were. That and the vast multitude of other issues the bible has are a definite reason to not take anything it says, all that seriously.

DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
1 point

It was the NewYorkTimes.

Rebecca Long Bailey


The story was everywhere for a while, so I'm surprised that you didn't hear anything. And she's not even the first to be hired on with such a history.

Such a thing does not bother some, or it's completely unusable against the other.

We've seen that such tactics do not work against those who're directly indebted with the leading group. Such as the point with a certain journalist, who was hired onto a very large media organization. She'd made grossly racist and bigoted statements on social media all the way up to a few months from being hired. And despite all of this coming out after being hired, she was fervently protected by her camp.

On a basic sense, yes. You would be called that.

Then again, our system is just so much more removed from standard common sense. I'm still referred to as an African American, even though I've never once in my life, been to Africa.

DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
2 points

4chan is a massively dated topic, and Hitler has been dead for a long time now.

You lost the war, let it go.

DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
2 points

I don't have a favorite news anchor. It's 2021, who actually has one of those in this day and age?

Because going out of your way to call them, your favorite, is somewhat detrimental to what their actual purpose is.

If they are actually your favorite, then you're absorbing information based on a bias, and not on the fact that you're getting quality news coverage.

DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
1 point

With no evidence to support claims that Trump actually indulged in Epstein's services, even with those women being questioned on the matter stating that Trump blocked their advances. I think you really need to find another angle here.

As for their friendship, it comes with the territory. Much like how Obama's family was so well connected with the same kind of Hollywood elites that kept getting in much the same trouble.

Now we have Biden in office. A man who apparently can't stop the stories of his own actions from cropping up. Be it either his own hands on approach with children, or his son's on issues with call girls of questionable ages.

DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
1 point

Seeing as I don't read News Max, nor do I watch Alex Jones. I suggest you find another method for combating your own problems.

DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
1 point

You mean the court case that is going nowhere, simply because the accuser is completely anonymous. The fact that her public backers are notoriously know for nothing more than just throwing constant streams of trash at their opponents, the timeline for Trump being at that party hasn't matched up, and the women who claim to have bore witness in her case are just as faceless as she is.

No, there's nothing wrong with any of this... probably... mostly probably... most definitely...

DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
1 point

I see that it still irks you, that Trump kicked Epstein to the curb.

Maybe you should pray for some guidance, and see what his passed on soul can teach you this time around.

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"Former Navy PO, working as a psychologist in the state of Alabama."

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