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RSS Foxglove

Reward Points:205
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1 point

Many celebrities have already jumped to the depression stage ;)

1 point

A perfect illustration ;) _

1 point

Rather political correctness is the Western world's newest form of intolerance. The concept of free speech/opinions is almost paradoxical; free speech is free until one disagrees. Very correct indeed.

Foxglove(205) Clarified
1 point

But there are a very decent number of professions where women are expected to adhere to a dress code that precludes the ability to dress sufficiently warm (see: Dresses, skirts).

This is where thermal stockings demonstrate their purpose ;)

2 points

In our own best interest it is impossible to be strictly either. Both can serve the individual well, though of the two the heart may be more vulnerable to deception so decisions based on its guidance have more potential for adverse effects. That said, emotion (associated with the heart in this sense) is more conducive to overall well-being than logic, together with intuition which bears greater sensitivity to the truth than any degree of reasoning. Accounting for the overwhelming power of emotion, however, placing the heart at the forefront with the head as its overseer makes for an appropriate compromise I believe.

Foxglove(205) Clarified
1 point

Though Hebrew is principally the language God communicated in (hence the print of the Bible), that does not indicate that He is unfamiliar with all other languages, including English. Assuming your native tongue is English that is not to say that, should you write a book in English, the conversion to another language like Spanish no longer makes it your work. It is the source that matters and if the message in a million different languages remains the same then that’s that.

1 point

Well you can use that term if you like and perhaps they will try to make such 'adjustments' with the advent of newer dictionary publications....but do not go anywhere near God's Word with them. Simple ;)

Foxglove(205) Clarified
1 point

"Take wives and have sons and daughters; take wives for your sons, and give your daughters in marriage, that they may bear sons and daughters; multiply there, and do not decrease" (Jeremiah 29:6). Of course there is a word for it in Hebrew, just as there are Hebrew words for day and night. The Bible was principally written in Hebrew after all and the aforementioned verse is how it translated into English.

1 point

I'm sorry, what? The word 'marriage' is used throughout the Bible so even before Jesus' time - what did you think it was called?

3 points

A resounding never. Nobody has any right to alter what God instituted and marriage itself would not exist otherwise. It is an insult to demand such a sacrifice. Therefore, for the religious 'die-hards' as you call them, no compromise is needed because the definition has not changed, however the government and society at large wish to tamper with it. Marriage was, is and always will be between a man and a woman.

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