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RSS Gypsee

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2 points

YESSS! How is it that no one isn’t in the slightest deranged by the fact that our freedom of speech is in the hand of Google and Apple?

1 point

That says that Google and Apple hold in their hands our freedom of expression.

They make their rules and who should and shouldn’t be banned. These rules are not based a vote because it is their company. So their rules.

Yeah everyone is happy about it because not having trump tweets is breath of fresh air but I’ve seen social media bans be sexist or even racist. So don’t expect that google or FaceTime have the same moral compasses as we do. They don’t care about us . They care about money and power.

It makes me laugh because these big companies hold a shit ton of our liberties in their hands but dumbass Americans are focusing on democrats and republicans. God. People are dumb.

If these MAGA took a small step back and removed that QAnon shit, they will see they have a common fight with their so called enemies: antifascists, and MAGA all NO longer trust the government. Whether the government is democrat or republican. The American system is shit. PERIOD

1 point

My first thoughts were: So either Trump is as stupid as he seems and the people are as uneducated as we thought. OR Trump maybe isn't as stupid as he seems and people are shockingly more uneducated than we thought...

The feeling I had was the same as when I can't solve a math problem: sweaty confusion paired with angry frustration and a strong desire to poop on my professor's desk.

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Name: Lola 
Gender: grrrl
Marital Status: Married
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Country: United States
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Education: Masters

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