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RSS Hootie

Reward Points:364
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1 point

Joe, that meme is literally from 2002.

I think if you were honest with yourself -- which of course you Americans never are -- you would admit that the reason you keep calling this Burrito guy out is because he keeps handing you your ass and you don't like it/aren't mature enough to deal with it.

1 point

when we took the Democrats' slaves away

There is romanticising history, and then there is plain making it up:-

Lincoln was not unlike a modern socially liberal Democrat or more moderate Republican.

In words, Lincoln mainly rejected the socially conservative positions of the era, and this is really the main thing Democrats are getting at when they say the questionable, but somewhat justifiable line, “Lincoln would have been a Democrat.”

1 point

The left is already up in arms about the idea. They don't really want these people any more than the right does, especially in THEIR backyards.

Let's hope you are wrong because I seem to remember a similar excuse being used in Germany to round up the Jews.

1 point

Bronto admits his own retardation:-

"Someone help me, I beg you. I'm too stupid to accomplish basic tasks"

Bronto admits Nom is a genius:-

"Care to address being an unaccomplished genius?"

Bronto admits what caused his present worldview:-

"a KKK grand wizard as a mentor"

Bronto plagiarises yet more ideas he borrowed from Hitler:-

"fuck the common good"

Bronto willing to turn a blind eye to child murder for the right price:-

"The mass murder of children in Waco. But that's none of my business..."

Bronto admits he reads Hitler and Mussolini speeches "fervently":-

"I've read [them] all"

Bronto explains his theory of crime:-

"There are no police"

Bronto explains his theory of why his first theory is so stupid:-

"There is no world."

Bronto explains his theory of why his second theory is so stupid:-

"Trump is connected to space aliens"

Bronto admits that socialists are honest people:-

"Socialists never make or take bribes "

Bronto expects us to be grateful that he's a Nazi:-

"I provide you links of Hitler and Mussolini's quotes"

1 point

The illegal filth should be sent to where they will be welcomed with open arms


Hootie(364) Clarified
1 point

It’s a trap if you fall into the “in real life” counter to online posturing

Arguing with you is a trap set under the pretence that you have any intention whatsoever of being honest. When you run out of ways to distort and twist what other people say you simply make shit up.

If a guy online says “I’ll beat your ass”, we all know it’s bullshit keyboard warriorism. But if you counter with “no, ill beat your ass first”, you’re playing the internet-tough guy game.

Funny, because it is idiots like you who for years sat online and countered every startling anomaly in the official 9/11 narrative with: "I'm an architect" or "I'm a structural engineer". You are a highly disingenuous person and this is evident in the whopping double standards you apply to online discourse.

1 point

I admit that my understanding of the English language is roughly equivalent to that of a mildly dyslexic goat.

On that we agree, child.

1 point

You also effortlessly mangle the English language every day in an attempt to sound less retarded than you are again failing miserably

Ahahahaha! You really don't understand how to use punctuation, do you? The truly frightening thing about this sentence is that it is your BEST effort. Omfg. I dread to think what people must think when you write to them. They must know immediately that they are dealing with a bona fide imbecile. ROFLMAO.

2 points

This coming from a failed (. Cough ,cough , ahem ) Science journalist

Lol. I'd much rather fail at science journalism than fail at the comprehension of my own native language. I've literally met six year old children with a better understanding of punctuation and grammar.

1 point

I suggest you go and enrol on an elementary English course which will teach you the difference between a full stop (i.e. period) and a comma, you obnoxiously stupid neanderthal.

While you're there ask them why you're so unfathomably stupid. Maybe they'll have an answer.

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