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RSS IAmSparticus

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Bringing up a 3 year old thread in order to complain about liberals?


*You're, you idiot.

IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
1 point

Great, so you don't know what mutation is after all.

IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
1 point

How can you seriously still not understand what a mutation is?

If that is a Whippet, which it appears to be, then I can assure you that many of them love to wear clothes like that. The Greyhound family, because of their lithe builds, can get cold very easily depending on the time of the year and where you live, so if often becomes necessary for them to wear clothes like that in order to stay well.

Mind you they look fucking ridiculous.

My Dad always used the variation "Trust in Allah but tie up your camel". He's neither Muslim, nor Middle Eastern. Took me a long time to realize how odd that was.

IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
1 point

Bacteria mutating against antibiotics is an example of mutation. But you said "I think mutations might occur in simple form before us, like cancer.

Does cancer mutate? And germs, bacteria, and viruses, do they mutate?"

The thing is, cancer itself is a mutation, so when you ask "does cancer mutate", you seem to demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding regarding molecular biology.

IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
1 point

Two things: One, you're not going to get through to him. Even when people agree with him, he still just does his little insulting preachy shtick.

Two, is there any chance you could respond to my comment to you on your marriage debate? The response to your initial comment, I mean, as I'm rather interested in seeing what you would have to say.

IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
1 point

You don't seem to understand what mutation actually is.

IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
3 points

We have created self-replicating programs.

So aside from the fact that your argument doesn't make sense, it's also already been countered.

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