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I'm not desperate, but I do care what people think, as does everyone to a certain point. I'll be honest and say I am pretty insecure, so I am always trying to please everyone and make myself as presentable as possible. I care too much, definitely more than I should.

Obviously old people are smarter than younger people. They have been around longer, therefore know more. I would never dare to try and make an argument that I am more intelligent than my elders. However, it is true that we know more around certain things, for example what the other side is referring to, things such as Ipads and other "high" technology products. But Older people also know more about things that we as younger people do not know.

JadynDonovan(244) Clarified
1 point

I see your point, and it is every bit as reasonable as mine was. So I can't argue with it. But I still think that we should be able to sleep in as late as we want as long as it isn't getting in the way of important things that we are passing up just for sleep.

I think teenagers should be able to sleep in as late as they want. But then again, I am a teenager so it only makes sense that I would think that. I feel like we are young and should be able to enjoy it during our summer break while it lasts. Soon enough we will have to wake up early almost every day.

WOW. Finally something I think we both agree on! However, I wouldn't say the girl really played a role in me believing that assault riffles shouldn't be banned. ;)

Yeah well Jesus doesn't exist. So I guess that makes us even doesn't it?

We don't go anywhere. There is NO light. In my opinion anyway. So Theists don't go towards a light, nor do Atheists.

Ok, so this statement makes me kind of angry. It is not the 'Dark Side' Nor should it be called that. And sure maybe some do. But the majority of us could care less. We aren't believers. But if you want to believe in some god in the sky that you can't see, then by all means pray your little hearts out. There is nothing wrong with that. We just don't share the same opinions as Theists do. But its not the 'dark side'. So don't call it that. That's like us saying that Theists are on the stupid side. But we don't say that, now do we? No.

Theists aren't the only ones who are insulted with their beliefs you know. Atheists are insulted as well, but for our 'non' beliefs. Which isn't fair either. We shouldn't be told we are going to hell just because we don't believe in god, or jesus, etc. Personally I think everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want. And everyone else should at least respect it, they don't have to agree though.

I don't find this true. I fully respect those who have religious beliefs of any sort. Even if I disagree, I believe that everyone has the right to their own opinions. Just because I am an atheists does not mean I "lack religious tolerance' Religion has nothing to do with that. Its just the kind of person you are.

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About Me

"Hello, my name is Jadyn. I am here because I obviously love good debates. Any questions? Ask."

Biographical Information
Name: Jadyn Donovan
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School

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