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RSS JatinNagpal

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10 most recent arguments.

If such a thing really happens, then I wouldn't mind the species going extinct due to it.

I expected him to come in a battle or something, leading an army of some sort... and more stuff would happen.

But, anyway, he isn't coming back. People can wait all they want if 2 millenia aren't enough to convince them, but such lunatics shouldn't be counted as part of civilisation.

I hope that Pakistan stops annoying us. Thanks to China, they now even have a nuclear arsenal. But it doesn't seem like they ever would...not like they can win, for they're basically barbarians. They're always doing something or the other to annoy India, from producing terrorists to violating peace treaties. If our government wasn't so abiding to international peace, we could easily annex Pakistan.

Bangladesh isn't so important...though it should have been a part since India liberated it from Pakistan's rule (in the war I talked about) by putting at stake a much greater war in a small army with some of the countries that had defeated Hitler's alliances and later the Soviet Union. Most of those were India's allies. But for what one might expect, our relations with Bangladesh are rather formal.

Pakistan, it seems, hates India for no important reason, and loves China a bit too much. They aren't too infrequent, either, for example, this is the last one I heard about

Yes, it is indeed an interesting article.

Even many here would prefer Pakistan to join India, despite what they've made of themselves. But China won't let that happen... if they had not always been unfriendly to India and later allied with Pakistan, the connected land of [Greater] India, China and Russia would have been mutually better allies and much more powerful. But anyway, Pakistan is built of those who wanted a Muslim rule rather than a secular one. It's lucky that the British couldn't achieve so much with the Christianity they tried to preach.

It's rather painful to see that our former constituents of Pakistan and Bangledesh are now counted as poor countries.

Yes, especially now that Trump is elected and is mocking the entire human pursuit of knowledge. It'd be funny if it weren't so tragic.

Now that I see it, I should have completed the description of the attack by some additional statements - If Russia (Soviet Union) had not intervened timely and caused their Navy to return by coming, say, it was delayed or something, the war could escalate enough that we wouldn't have a Pakistan on the map and America would have one more angry enemy in the Cold War. India already hated US-UK so much that many had considered joining the Axis in WWII just after independence from UK.

Just something you might prefer to know if you want to interpret Indian nationalism.

What about Ireland, though? All I know about it are the liberation movements of the Northern Ireland from UK... they probably want it to join the republic. It never came up in what I learned about Western History.

The radical restriction supporter wastes our time once more. Just remember, you are one of the insert arbitrary figure here of Americans who lacks the simplest of humanity to understand we need no restrictions on slavery of owned healthy humans for any reason.

What a total inhuman extremist!

That's just an example, maggot. Try bringing against me the best of you, and it shan't last more than a touch. For that was too easy.

Also, unsurprisingly, it's actually a quite conservative position, and not merely a hypocritical one at that - the places are the most conservative ones in the country.

For ages, I'd heard about the western countries, mainly US, being liberal and rational utopias in most regards. But now I see that it was mostly false, probably a part of American propaganda and influence. Now it's just a country based on the fear of communism, whereas the Indian Constitution openly proclaims socialism since the 42nd amendment, 1977. That's just a few years after US and UK had allied with Pakistan and tried to attack India... the diplomatic situations were complex then... though one couldn't guess it by looking now.

I doubt that it can... Here's a link explaining some of it, againstgirlsinIndia

They have banned everything from dowry to pre birth sex determination, allowed women a part in the owned property of deceased parent, but still I've heard that the situation isn't so good in many remote areas.

The gap here between the both types of areas is actually impressive.

Yes, he is extremely obsessed with supporting the republicans of America. It's pretty annoying.

Though elective abortions are illegal in India - you still can have them done if you're lucky enough to find a corrupt doctor or something within 12 weeks. But can't blame them... Many abortions were forced on the woman if children were to be female. They had to illegalise pre birth sex determination too. It's pretty rough.

Ah, maggot, my challenge still stands. Any argument of yours in the past 6 months, I could use for slavery. I've not been here before that to judge the earlier ones.

It stands only because you couldn't dare to do it earlier and just downvoted me as always, rather than me caring to offer it again when you're defeated already.

Your intellect would be pitiable if you were worth it.

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