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RSS Kamekaze

Reward Points:209
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Just one of a million debates that are forever alone.

Please disturb.

3 points

Chuck Norris is crap.

He is just some old, stupid actor.

And he would never stand a chance against them!

But... If he really is as "awesome" as people say he is, he should be in my house by now, smashing my head in the keyboaaaaweqaawqq11111111111111111111111111111111111

1 point

Well, there's putting your right foot in, and putting your right foot out... and then there's putting your left foot in and shaking it all about...

Foot rape, anyone? ;)

... Although, it makes you wonder; what does "Hokey" mean?...

1 point

Harem, please!

1 point

I saw a creepy person in a coat once on the street so I ran up to him and kicked him down.

But then I got sued.

2 points

The rape machine won't work.

1 point

I sat on the snail! The snail was Eighteen Five a Pot! Sit on the snail!

No, I haven't had surgery, haven't I will, see the blades aren't coming so you can go and rape the floor, just in case!

No Cows!

2 points

If there is some kind of Community of Point-Whores on this Site, you would be the Pimp.

2 points

Oh... I fly high, up, up into the ceiling, but then the ceiling smacks my head-

"Awwwrr," I scream, as I fall once again, onto the ground.

The rape dog from Sluts-R-Us runs through an unknown gap of space and time, and starts violently humping my leg, but then a bulging hemorrhoid from the Albino's arse bursts- and fills the room with Anal blood, hauling the dog away through the window.

A creepy whore from the Underworld suddenly appears, running to the walls- desperately licking off all the Anal Blood that stained the walls. It moans and begins to crap on your bed pillow. You keep a foot note in the back of your mind to remember to eat it later.

But then the whore turns on the radio and begins to sing along to "Rebecca Black: Friday,"- you start getting freaked out, and decide to run for the door.

But before you grab the knob, it suddenly changes, and flops down into a flaccid member.

"There is no way of leaving this room," You declare, with most certain sincerity.

4 points

Oh, but you see, I have wings now, I'm flying above you.

I cut a slit in my upper-pelvis with a wangy rubber sword and now I'm a hermaphrodite! O:

I hover over your computer desk, but then I get a random seizure and fall on the computer and snap my neck.

No, I didn't snap my own neck, it was that naked Albino person that sneaked in last night, (He was hiding in your closet) and he ran out from the closet and snapped my neck when you weren't looking.

See, you can find him now... he is standing right behind you.

But don't worry, my body has somehow tapped in with a broken, but live wire from your computer, and it is twitching me- sending my foot abruptly into the Albino's face.

He flops to the ground and the electricity from the computer takes on a defibrillator effect that revives my body.

Hurrah! I am alive!

Kamekaze has not yet created any debates.

About Me

"My new signature line- "I Like Playing With My Cats!" John Ejaculated From His Mouth."

Biographical Information
Name: Kame Kaze
Gender: Male
Age: 110
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: Japan
Postal Code: xX69Xx
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School

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