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RSS KingBlack

Reward Points:222
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1 point

Heck females eat semen all the time then walk around town like they the shat and the boss. While cursing at anyone when stuff dont go they way all because they look cute and know how to juggle double balls at the same time while eating dong, swallowing a demon seed they allowed to slither down they throat to grow and take control. So yes it is, and its name is Little Sploog Pearly.... get em boy.

Riddle me this please... why does my comment not make any non sense.

2 points

Thats not bad although I will say he looks like Hitler jr. with that stache... wait a minute I didnt know that they made a Tropical Thunder part 2... get it lol hahhahahahahaahahahha

1 point

WEST-SIIIDE BIAAATHCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 point


2 points

hmmmm tough one I guess im not the only one who realized he only has these type of debates, but yes blow up doll is a good option for him, he can have his way with it and will never get that big NO he is so use to getting.

1 point

Just pull your joe out and tell em to suck. Works sometimes Jk

1 point

This is very true lol now I will never be lost ever again muahahahahah

1 point

Booooooo why cant they go, its a bar now if they were offering free head with drinks that's a different story

1 point

That ain't SHAT compared to the one I made in the magnificent cranium of mines while day dreaming at work... but I must say this is a pretty good one lol.

1 point

Its pretty simple most women don't know what the hell they want so you don't need to understand them just let them think they know everything like they already think they do and walla no problems should follow

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: Some College

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