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RSS LordofFacts

Reward Points:166
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6 most recent arguments.

You don't get to decide what I believe, but please, troll some more.

I get to observe what you believe and realize that you are an idiot who doesn't know the definitions of the words you use. Can you even tell me what left and right signifies?

0 points

I am neither liberal nor conservative. I never have fit in either the far left, or the far right. I don't think you know what a centrist is, so let the adults handle this one.

Trust me, I know what a centrist is, you claim to change your opinion based on new information yet you have remained a teeter-tottering centrist all this time, and you have not abandoned stupid things such as capitalism or christianity. As a bible thumping Americanist you have plenty of conservative views, and as a centrist you have plenty of liberal views. I think it is you who has no idea what these terms mean.

I agree. I have changed my mind wf strength.ith new evidence. 'Tis a sign o

You haven't changed all that much. You go from center-right to center-left and back every 2 weeks but your fundamental programming doesn't change.

Budweiser is low class swill. I am too rich and greedy and capitalistically inclined to drink such sewage.

I am bisexual and bipolar and I am male.

Mint_Tea is neither and she is female.

Checkmate, mate.

Politics is my passion. For obvious reasons, I DON'T discuss politics with my neighbors, and I DON'T discuss politics with my family.

I'll discuss it with anyone. It's fun to watch my aunt freak out when I espouse the socialisms.

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About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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