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2 points

Fascism is philosophically opposed to liberalism. This was actually explained quite explicitly by Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile in the treatise "The Doctrine of Fascism".

National Socialism is actually a fairly apt nomenclature of the German absorption of Fascist ideals from a political standpoint, because Fascism specifically views the society, and its subsets of individuals, corporations and other legal entities as only relational to the nation-state apparatus.

It's also important to note that the Nazi party was quite literally the most right wing political option during Germany's elections, while they were still going on.

2 points

Multiple lines of research actually predicted this a few years ago. In fact, there was already an announcement made in 2011 that a new solar minimum would occur. You can do a quick Google search to verify this. But the expectation was that we quite possibly should have already been experiencing it.

Solar activity is generally very predictable. Around every 11 years, the sun enters a cycle of increased activity. And then after a while it settles down. If this announcement is in fact accurate, it looks like it's making the already established prediction more precise, not establishing a totally new body of knowledge that contradicts climate science.

That being said, solar activity isn't the primary agent for the current rise in average global temperatures. Multiple lines of independent evidence strongly suggest that human activity is the primary cause and that hasn't changed.

Mahollinder(900) Clarified
3 points

AIDS is a clinical state caused by an immunodeficiency virus. It can't go airborne. Even if that wasn't the case, having legal recognition won't make anything except for gay marriage more widespread. I'm not even sure if you're serious, which is unfortunate.

I think that they should simply implement some kind of voter-identification card upon voter-registration. And for those who are already registered and on't have such a card, they can make a route to getting it easy or something. I don't know how the exact mechanics would work to facilitate such a thing, since some people who are legal residence don't have photo identification in the first place. But, it should be done.

Why do Dems constantly credit Republicans for what they are trying to do?

I'm not a Democrat. If you read my point more carefully, you'll notice that I'm not giving Republicans credit for what the Democrats did. All I pointed out was that the final bill wasn't very Liberal and was similar to the bills Republicans tried to pass in the past.

I hear "Republicans do it" just about as much as I hear "Let me be clear."


Why don't we just elect Republicans then instead of Dems who keep saying all they are doing is what Republicans do.

I'm fairly positive that there will be a few Republicans voted into office.



Isn't he the one who passed the universal healthcare bill?

So did Republicans. But it's not the passing of the legislation that makes it liberal. What we got was a version of two different bills that had been tried in the past: the Republican healthcare reform of the 90s and the Mitt Romney bill in this last decade, with a vast number of the further amendments coming directly from Republicans (many of whom later rejected the bill on the grounds that it had legislation that they themselves put in it).

Obama is about as Liberal as North Korea is a people' republic. He hasn't enacted any real or authentically liberal policies.

5 points

There's an important juxtaposition that's not being mentioned. Most scientists are Liberal - and that includes the "rocket scientists". Most educators and academicians are also Liberal. So while Liberals are actors, we're also scientists. While some of us are definitely under-and-uneducated, we also have the teachers and the most educated. Your point seems ultimately... pointless.

4 points

I always have failed to see the logic in liberalism.

Quick counterpoise: while watching this year's CPAC convention, I saw conservative, Republican women who were planning to vote participate in the ridiculing of progressivism. If you can't figure out the disconnect there, I can understand precisely why you also don't see the logic in liberalism.

3 points

I like what micromike123 wrote on June 25, 2010 07:18 AM. Root's article seems like a lot of misinformation, hyperbole, and very little truth.

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