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1 point

The meaning of life to be finding happiness doesn't apply to everyone though. Many people rather live on success, or power, amongst other things. In fact, success is the most common thing people list as their reason to live... and not that many people that really succeed at anything are truly happy. In fact, I think the majority of life is NOT truly happy and lots of us like to think we are though.

1 point

Haha, there's a key difference in what Joe's saying... he's saying that's all the meaning OF life, not the meaning FOR life. Without those elements, we definitely wouldn't be here. But the meaning FOR life... that's another issue.

1 point

We only feel the need for socializing though because that's how we've been raised for the past couple centuries. What about people that find more meaning by not socializing?

1 point

Haha, you're so lame Joe.

thinks Yea... how about Aladdin? Wasn't he Egyptian? Isn't there some biased rule out there and in the middle east that the husband can sleep with the wife's sisters? haha. I read that somewhere about certain cultures...

How about Hercules? He reminds me a mighty, charismatic, rapist (without making you think you're being raped). And he'd probably do dudes too...

Hmmm, I'm picking Hercules. I can't even remember the other Disney characters...

1 point

Yea, it makes sense. I'm currently in the process of learning to change my acceptance of my husband's smoking and drinking so that I can just let him do that crap because there's nothing convincing him to stop. It's just pretty annoying; I mean, this is MY husband, and he's doing crap that'll take him away before he's 60 (runs in the men in his family to die of heart problems by 55 from smoking) and "I" have to sit around and learn to deal with it. I mean, no wonder people just do what everyone else does... they just give up because the alternative (what I'm doing) is a bit annoying and depressing to sit back and watch. The other alternatives are that I a) start to find it amusing instead, or b) start smoking and drinking with him and maybe I'll die with him (doubt it). How lame.

1 point

Hey, I thought that too. I actually thought all the 2k stuff was seriously just about us entering the year 2000.... and for no other reason, whatsoever. Then I was reading a biography of the former FBI Director, Mr. Freeh, and he was talking about how the middle east..specifically the um.. Hazabollah (dammit, I don't know and can't find the correct name of that group, but you probably know what I'm referring to), I think, were planning to commit some terrorist acts on America on that new years eve... but I think they caught them before it could happen or they just couldn't pull it off, for some reason, I don't remember. But now that I think about it, I think we'll be hearing a lot more threats and warnings from the middle east psychos that feel the need to blow up our country. Just a thought.

Oh, but i don't think it has anything to do with Obama. But maybe it could... I mean, we're hearing about the Middle East being mad at him for some dumb shit, what gives they'll stop now?

1 point

In a nonsexual way, no, I'm not. If i wake up from a crappy dream, I just...wake up... and be pissed off for a couple hours. I'm not a screamer in general, at all though. For hearing loss reasons. And if someone screams at me, I want to shove my fist down their throat.

1 point

Man what-ever! haha. But you're right! My husband is conservative and not only listens to that Limburgh guy on the radio in the car, but even on the stereo in the bathroom whenever he's in there. And I'd rather the news. But that's only because I can't make out what's being said on the radios. :-)

2 points

hahaha, ya. When you see your image into the small icon form, you do look like him. As well as like some guy in South Africa that I talk to sometimes on facebook.

1 point

You mean Governor of Texas? Frankly, I don't care. I never plan on living in Texas. It kind've sucks there.

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